Energy Storage

Powerbridge FlywheelPiller’s Powerbridge is a battery-free alternative for DC energy supply in a Piller UPS system. A vertically mounted flywheel and generator, the Powerbridge is designed to operate within a speed range of 3,600 to 1,500 rpm. The unit can deliver 8 seconds of ride-through at 2.4 MW load and proportionately longer ride-through at lesser loads. The highly reliable, easily maintainable Powerbridge is an environmentally clean source of backup power.

Value Preposition:

  • 6 MJ, 16.5 MJ and 21 MJ energy storage available
  • Bridging time of minutes possible during total power failures
  • No air-conditioning required
  • Defined, predictable charging states
  • Parallel units are possible
  • Largest available kinetic Energy Storage

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