Corporate Governance


No organization is stronger than the quality of its leadership. Our top management is the driving force to define sustainable growth and business expansions based on performance and market trends.

Our board members are highly qualified professionals with business degrees from top ranking business schools. They carry a perfect mix of professional and management expertise with an exposure of cross-cultural global business environment. Our executives, trained in management and professional fields in various countries, are fellow and member of professional organizations. They have won large amount of awards and commendations in their professional journey.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the organization of Rasa communication and the management of its operations. The General Manager, appointed by the Board of Directors, is responsible for the day to day management of Rasa communication in accordance with instructions from the Board. The General Manager is supported by the senior managers. De-centralized decision making is encouraged in all of the business activities.


Our employees are highly qualified and experienced professionals who strive in a healthy environment to exceed customer expectations. We are a dedicated, enthusiastic and focused team with high level of energy and commitment.

Business Ethics

Our code of Business Ethics is the values that set the rules for all that we do as the employees of Rasa communication. The code summarizes basic policies, rules and regulations that concern our operations. Rasa communication continuously reviews the Business Ethics and gets acknowledged by all employees to ensure the business is run with integrity.

Organization Structure