Corporate Culture

Employer-Employee Relationship

Rasa communication motivates staff by providing a high level support and takes a lot of pride in its employees. We don’t get work done by our employee but develop employee by work. We value diversity and non-discrimination in the work place that binds an organization together in its quest to the best.

Employees can voice opinion and provide recommendations to the management.

Employee performance is evaluated based on personal business commitment. 360 degrees’performance management approach and mentoring are adopted for the professional growth of an employee. Extensive training programs are offered. As company values each member’s contribution, achievements are appreciated and rewarded.


We encourage a harmonious business ecosystem ensuring sustainable growth and contribution to our society. We insist on local operations contributing to local welfare, education and employment being an ethical corporate citizen.

Rasa cares for employee’s growth, health and safety. We value our staff contributions and ensure employee’s growth with the company. We promote fair operations and transparency.We closely collaborate with customers and partners and promote energy conservation and environmental protection.

Rasa strengthens the relation with stakeholders and increases customer satisfaction based on industry standards and practices. We abide by business ethics, best practices and operate with integrity.